Stepchild Snowboards - 2013/14 Kam Knife Hybrid Camber Snowboard - 148 SALE-Magic Toast

Stepchild Snowboards - 2013/14 Kam Knife Hybrid Camber Snowboard - 148 SALE

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Stepchild Snowboards Winter 2013/14 Kam Knife Hybrid Camber 148



This new park-slaughtering weapon utilizes our Kicker 2 core of Poplar Tip to Tail sandwich construction with Beech Rails to increase edge control and reduce high-speed chatter. Our new SnapBack Camber combines an OG regular camber profile between the bindings and zero camber outside the bindings. This camber shape lengthens the contact points of the board allowing for energy to transfer through the profile resulting in more stable presses, stronger pop and a high energy performance ride. Let the KamKnife rip and it will slash the bloody guts out of any terrain.

Snapback Camber - Snapback fuses both dynamic regular and zero camber to deliver the pop and stomping power of a traditional camber board with the ease and catch free ride of a reverse camber.

Kicker 2 Core - Our Kicker 2 profile delivers high performance core energy with our tip to tail Poplar wood core with reinforced Beech rails. The Beech Rails are added along the rails to enhance pop and edge control while keeping the board stable at higher speeds.

Twin - A true twin board with a centered stance and sidecut. The tip and tail are also identical.

SnagFree Base - SnagFree bases are hardened in the press by a temperature control system that cooks the base harder as it sandwiches the board, this allows the base to be more durable and easier to maintain.

Armadillo Plates - Re-enforcing the insert pack by adding in an extra diamond shape layer of fiberglass eliminates blowouts from impacts and pressures. Comes standard on all Stepchild boards.

Biax - Interweaving vertical and horizontal fiberglass configuraton, Biax fiberglass uses two strands of fiberglass to deliver high-energy response however not compromising the rigidity of the board.

Future Glue - A unique blend of compounds give Future Glue unparalleled strength in securing bases together and to the core. Comes standard on all new Stepchild Snowboards.

Flex-0-Meter: 5/10