Footprint - King Foam Game Changer Orthotic - Terje

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King Foam Game Changer Orthotic Terje Impact Skateboarding Insoles


King Foam Game Changer Orthotic Terje


The Game Changer King Foam Terje Hakonsen Orthotic Insoles is a pair of customisable high-performance signature insoles from Footprint.

They aren't just the world's best insoles, they are life changing. Chosen by the top class skateboarders and recommended by doctors.




ARTi-LAGE Kingfoam is a specially developed formulation of ARTi-LAGE technology. ARTi-LAGE contains "molecular freeflow technology" and uses basic laws of energy to convert energy from the force of impact into hear before it can reach your body.


GAME CHANGERS Game changer insoles not only prevent serious injury and arthritis, they also increase balance, extend endurance, performance and provide an overall feeling of well-being as your body begins to function the way it was designed to.


INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat oven to 110 degrees C. Place insole inside for 8 minutes. Put in shoe and walk for between 5 - 10 minutes or until arch hardens. Make sure to wear socks.