Flux - DS Snowboard Bindings - White/Black NEW FOR 2022 SALE
Flux - DS Snowboard Bindings - White/Black NEW FOR 2022 SALE

Flux - DS Snowboard Bindings - White/Black NEW FOR 2022 SALE

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The 2022 Flux DS snowboard bindings are great for the hardcore freestyle riders who like to make the whole mountain a terrain park.

The DS base plate uses a flat rocker construction for a natural board flex which provides perfect response edge to edge. The DS bindings come with the Flux resistor highback which is lightweight and built for freestyle riding, The gap in the highback creates a range of motion for better heel to toe flex plus the mini wing shape provides response and stability for locking in those presses and powerful carves. This gives you amazing versatility and really allows you to dial in your setup to the specific needs of the day.

The Flux waffle ankle strap and FTM versa toe strap, your foot is held in place very securely and delivers direct power transfer, allowing for maximum response. The straps are held in place by the L guides, holding the ratchet ladders down to make sure your feet are secure.

The UU fit alleviates pressure points on the foot, for a natural feel of the binding, giving you a comfy ride all day long, regardless of how hard you ride. The adjustable cushion on the bindings means that your foot can fit properly avoiding any loss of leverage from an inefficient fit and the new FooTon base pad created better board feel and prevents build up of snow.

The infamous Beer Buckles make an appearance on the DS. These buckles offer more leverage when cranking down on the straps for minimal effort on that final click. There is also a built in bottle opener in case of emergencies!

The DS is a great lightweight binding for any demanding rider out there who wants some of the best technologies on the market today.


Features Include:
  • Resistor Highback - Lightweight construction for range of motion for added response and flex
  • Super Tough Nylon - This Nylon blend gives you amazing shock absorption when going over lumpy snow or on big landings. This material also moulds to your boots to create a fit and feel like nothing else on the market
  • Adjustable Toe and Heel Cushion - Can extend and retract the length of the baseplate toe and heel side to give a perfect fit for your boots and board
  • Ultima Base - Lightweight and responsive with padding for great absorbtion
  • Performance Blend - The most versatile construction in the Flux line, this layup will handle everything you can throw at it and last a lifetime!
  • FooTon Foot Pad - Prevents snow build up and provides more direct board feel still with plenty of cushioning
  • Custom Stabilizers - Urethane stabilisers can be added or removed to give a different feel of your board
  • Toolless Lever - Allows you to add forward lean to direct pressure more accurately to your boards edges from the chassis of the binding. This also allows the binding to flex more naturally
  • FTM Versa Toes Straps - Stronger but softer moulded toe strap, one piece design that naturally wraps to the contours of your boot, thus increasing response and minimizing pressure points
  • Waffle Strap - Two layer construction offers direct power transfer and a seamless fit
  • L-Guide System - Guides your ladder straps into the buckles sweet spot
  • Beer Buckle - Newly engineered buckles offer more leverage when cranking down on the straps for minimal effort on that final click. Built in bottle opener in case of emergencies
  • UU Fit - This is the bit that attaches your straps to your chassis. Rather than just slotting in like other bindings, these straps are cradled in a 360 degree chassis of love to make them last longer and minimise pinch points
The Lowdown:
  • Rider Profile: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Mountain Profile: All Mountain/Freestyle
  • Flex: Medium
  • Compatibility: Standard 4 Hole, conversion disk available

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