Dragon - X2s Mill Goggles - Silver Ion/Dark Smoke Snowboard/Ski SALE - Magic Toast

Dragon - X2s Mill Goggles - Silver Ion/Dark Smoke Snowboard/Ski SALE

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Dragon X2s Mill Goggles - Silver Ion/Dark Smoke Snowboard/Ski NEW 2018


Dragon - X2s Mill/LumaLens Silver Ion + Dark Smoke


The Dragon X2 Goggles are an evolution of the APX Goggles. Yes, it might be hard to imagine, because the APXs were already mind blowing. But technology does what technology wants, and keeps on moving. The X2s feature a simpler and more robust goggle locking mechanism; now you can swap lenses without taking the X2s off your face. The design of the X2s is essentially frameless, and has a super clean look. The X2s have Dragon s high-quality polycarbonate lenses that offer insane peripheral vision and distortion-free clarity. Since we live in the future, you may as well make technology work for you with the Dragon X2 Goggles. Personal robot assistant not included.



Polyurethane – Flexible frame material that is durable at all temperatures



Optically Correct Lens System – Offers superior clarity and performance by eliminating distortion through tapered geometries

Scratch Resistant Coating – Treated lenses to protect from scratching

Super Anti-Fog Coating

Comes with two interchangeable lenses



Unidirectional Airflow System – Provides superior airflow to prevent fogging

Armored Venting



Helmet Compatible – Correct strap lengths and goggle proportions mean integration with the helmet of your choosing is a no-brainer. Adjustable 1.5'' Strap

Silicone Strap Backing



Tri - Foam Technology – Superior comfort and breathability through multiple layer densities

Polartech Microfleece – Provides soft hypoallergenic moisture wicking contact with your face