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Critically Acclaimed - Surfing DVD

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Critically Acclaimed - Surfing DVD

"Critically Acclaimed" is a movie featuring the worlds greatest surfers. Two years in the making and a trip around the world Critically Acclaimed brings the most exotic surf locations and exciting surfers into your living room.

Starring: Dane Reynolds, The Irons Brothers, Dean Morrison, Damien Hobgood, Chris Ward, Mick Fanning, Cory Lopez, Occy, Geoff Brack, Mike Losnesss The Beschens, Rob Machado, Matt Archbold, Tim Curran, Ben Bourgeois Joel Parkinson, Nathan Fletcher, Jamie O'Brien, Tamayo Perry, Kelly Slater

Locations: Tahiti, Europe, Australia, Hawaii, The United States, Central America

Director Joe Cheshire says of the film "I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Tahiti and throughout French Polynesia with new school surfing sensation Geoff Brack. While there we met up with Dean Morrison, and Damien Hobgood. With no other cameras in sight and the best surfing in the world right in front of me I knew I had something special. From then on my goal was to capture the most exclusive sessions of the worlds greatest surfers. With the help of Chad Davis music director for the films September Sessions, Thicker Than Water, and Loose Change, as well as Brian Lowit Indie record label maestro and prodigy of legendary punker Ian Mac Kaye of Fugazi and Minor Threat, I have been able to make a movie that will no doubt inspire surfers of all ages."