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Burton - Mission Snowboard Binding - Pink - SALE

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The 2019 Burton Mission Re:Flex Snowboard bindings are the choice that legions of riders have embraced during it's decade plus reign. If you are looking for the perfect combination of comfort and performance then look no further.

The Mission uses Burton's durable single component 30% short glass / nylon composite blend which is their mid range construction that offers a great level of flex for jibbing and pressing but with enough power and support that you can still charge hard whether you're running up to a kicker or racing your mates down the piste. 

The highback is a single component Canted Living Hinge design which increases riding comfort and response by aligning the highback to a natural leg angle. This reduces stress on your knees and ankles and increases the amount of power transmission by ensuring pressure is immediately transferred from rider to board. The highback is set to zero lean too and can be changed using Burton's DialFLAD tool free forward lean adjuster which can be done anywhere. 

The straps and buckles featured on the Mission bindings are without doubt some of the best in the industry. Designed for all mountain performance, the stitch-less Hammockstrap expertly transfers power from the boot through the binding to the snow. It is also oversized and 3D shaped so it perfectly forms around your boot to reduce pinch points and allow you to ride harder for longer. The Gettagrip Capstrap over the toe is super flexible allowing it to fit closely to your boot to give a secure fit, ensuring that energy transfer is rapid and efficient. 

FullBED cushioning system underfoot is an elevated realm of comfort and board feel by allowing energy to transfer to your board more efficiently without sacrificing comfort and shock absorption. 
The Burton Misson has been a favourite of many riders over the years and it continues to offer performance without breaking the bank allowing all riders to enjoy what it has to offer. This binding strikes the perfect combination of response and ease of use meaning anyone will be able to get on with them and take their riding to the next level.
Features Include
  • Single Component Re:Flex Baseplate - No added materials under your feet, just cushioning for ultimate board feel
  • 30% Short Glass/Nylon Composite Baseplate - Responsive but playful baseplate construction that has support when you want it but will still have a little give when you need it
  • Single Component Canted Living Hinge Highback - Reduces weight by stripping excess material and hardware and allows for independent adjustment of rotation and lean
  • Zero Lean Hi-Back with DialFLAD - Anatomically correct design that mirrors your natural stance. The Highback can be set to zero and lie completely flat if you like or set forward using the tool less DialFLAD lean adjuster
  • Hammockstrap Ankle Strap with Flex Slider - Stitch-less construction for ultra response and comfort with minimal materials
  • Gettagrip Capstrap Toe Strap - Lightweight and 3D molded for better boot wrap and comfort
  • Smooth Glide Buckles - Smooth and reliable bickle motion in all conditions
  • FullBED Cushioning System - Increased comfort without sacrificing performance
  • Re-Ground Materials - Created using recycled materials to reduce waste and help protect our winters
  • Lifetime Warranty - Burton have so much confidence in their product engineering that they have a lifetime guarantee to replace all broken baseplates, flex sliders and flexing hi-backs for free
The Lowdown
  • Rider Profile: All Abilities
  • Mountain Profile: All Mountain / Freestyle
  • Flex: Medium to Responsive
  • Compatibility: 4 Hole & ICS Channel system. 3 Hold/3D conversion discs sold separately
  • Condition: Brand New