Burton - Malavita EST Snowboard Binding - Black/Grey NEW FOR 2019 SALE

Burton - Malavita EST Snowboard Binding - Black/Grey NEW FOR 2019 SALE

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The 2019 Malavita EST snowboard bindings are Burton's high-end freestyle bindings used by none other than superpipe legend Danny Davis. 

The Malavita uses a Dual Component EST baseplate featuring Burton's unique Hinge technology. The top spar and lower section of the baseplate use a 30% short glass / nylon composite which is lighter and more responsive than Burton's 18% composite but is still playful enough to rock all over the mountain. The Hinge is a unique feature to Burton and allows the foot to roll more naturally to reduce fatigue, make ollies easier and increase comfort. 

The highback has a Canted Living Hinge design which increases riding comfort and response by aligning the highback to a natural leg angle. This reduces stress on your knees and ankles and increases the amount of power transmission by ensuring pressure is immediately transferred from rider to board. 

The Malavita also uses Burton's Heel Hammock which reduces unwanted vibration for a smoother ride and generates increased power transmission for a more responsive ride. The highback is set to zero lean too and can be changed using Burton's DialFLAD tool free forward lean adjuster which can be done anywhere. 

The Malavita gets Burton's Asym Hammockstrap ankle straps and Supergrip Capstrap toe straps. The Asym Hammockstrap uses a stitchless design which prevents pinch points and allows Burton to pre-shape the strap to match the contours of a boot. The Nylon spine built into it retains board response by giving a more direct connection. Because the strap is asymmetrical you can ride it normally for power and support, or flip it round for added freedom. 

The Flex Slider is a thinned out section of the strap that hinges and allows the strap to move out of the way when you're getting into your bindings. The Supergrip Capstrap toe straps are also lightweight and softer with superior grip, boot wrap and comfort. 

The Malavita is a super comfortable binding that we would recommend to anyone wanting to charge around the mountain like Danny Davis. Designed to ride on snowboards that feature The Channel/ICS mounting system, these bindings drastically enhance the board’s natural flex which is great for intermediate or advanced riders wanting a connection 4 times more durable than what standard inserts offer and infinite stance adjustment options.
Features Include
  • Dual Component EST Baseplate - No added materials under your feet, just cushioning for ultimate board feel
  • 30% Short Glass/Nylon Composite Baseplate - Responsive but playful base that has support when you want it but will still have a little give when you need it
  • The Hinge - Burton Exclusive tech that splits the baseplate into two parts so that the binding flexes dynamically with your leg for increased foot roll, less fatigue and easier ollies
  • Zero Lean Hi-Back with DialFLAD - Anatomically correct design that mirrors your natural stance. The Highback can be set to zero and lie completely flat if you like or set forward using the tool less DialFLAD lean adjuster
  • Heel Hammock - Reinforced rubbery material wraps response around the heel giving you a lightening quick performance and added riding comfort
  • Asym Hammockstrap Ankle Strap with Flex Slider - Triple axis spine, laterally supportive asymmetric shape which delivers ultra response. Reversible too for a different, more mobile, feel
  • Super Grip Capstrap Toe Strap - Lightweight and 3D molded for better boot wrap and comfort
  • Double Take Buckles with Insta-Click - Be the first to drop in with buckles that click in double fast and improve strength at the lock
  • AutoCANT SensoryBED Cushioning Sysyem with B3 Gel - Dual density EVA settles your boot into a natural position regardless of stance width or angles for improved comfort, reduced fatigue and more direct board control. B3 Gel is the same cushioning found in Burton's High end boots for ultimate dampening
  • Re-Ground Materials - Created using recycled materials to reduce waste and help protect our winters
  • Lifetime Warranty - Burton have so much confidence in their product engineering that they have a lifetime guarantee to replace all broken baseplates, flex sliders and flexing hi-backs for free
The Lowdown
  • Rider Profile: Intermediate / Advanced
  • Mountain Profile: All Mountain / Freestyle
  • Flex: Medium / Responsive
  • Compatibility: ICS Channel system only
  • Condition: Brand New