Bataleon - Carver Snowboard - 158 NEW FOR 2021 SALE

Bataleon - Carver Snowboard - 158 NEW FOR 2021 SALE

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The Bataleon Carver is everything you want and more if your the kind of rider that likes to play your own game of Limbo whilst bombing down the mountain, With more edge hold that Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger this board is designed to be ridden on the edge.

Typically wider than your average carving board the Carver is designed to be very versatile with a tapered shape, sidecut and setback stance meaning this board is optimised for backseat steering so whether your carving down a freshly groomed piste of dropping your favourite off piste line the Carver has you covered. The narrow centrebase of the Carvers 3BT Freeride base generates swift edge-to-edge transfer and powerful carves, while the 6 hollow carbon rods set into specially milled channels in the base give the board unprecedented snap and pop in and out of turns.  

If you live life on the edge (whether It's toe or heel) this board is for you. 
- Freeride 3BT: Greater uplift in the nose than the tail, along with a tapered shape and sidecut fines tunes this setup towards directional riding with improved high speed traction and better float in powder. Whilst the narrow centrebase allows for quicker edge-to-edge transitions for more dynamic carves.
- SideKick: Increased sidebase lift after the contact points for smoother turn initiation, more float in powder and greater stability in all terrains, further enhancing the advantages of 3BT
- Carbon Stringers: Two stringers cross the full length of the snowboard in an "X" no compromise performance riding abilities, incredible edge-to-edge transition performance as well as removing all chatter from high speed charging and offering superior edge hold when carving
- Light Core: A 50/50 split of traditional poplar wood and Swiss paulownia for a fantastic strength to weight ratio
- D.R.S.T: Dual Radial Super Tubes technology is six hollow carbon tubes inserted in the board's core running parallel to the board's edges allowing for a dramatic reduction in overall weight without affecting stiffness and creating a better transfer of power from your feet to the board for sublime carving potential
- TRI AX Laminate: A three-way weave with fibres running every 45 degrees for unbeatable strong and responsiveness whilst remaining beautifully lightweight
- Hyper Glide S: A fine tuned sintered base with a high molecular content that's quick and highly durable

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