Burton - Womens Scribe Snowboard Binding - White Small SALE-Magic Toast

Burton - Womens Scribe Snowboard Binding - White Small SALE

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10/11 Womens Burton Scribe Snowboard Binding White S


Winter 2010/11
Womens Scribe Snowboard Bindings
Sizing: Small
UK 2.5 - 4
US 4 - 6
Euro 34 - 36.5

You’re not about to let anything get between you and your daily dose of shredding. But 24 hours a day inside your bindings can make even the best go mad. Lightweight with a soft, playful flex, the ShopGirl-inspired Scribe EST screams comfort with its ShredBED cushioning and anatomically correct hi-back. With asym shaped straps, switch it up by choosing between lateral power for pressing or medial mobility for tweaked out trickery.


Smooth Glide Buckles

Polished, chrome-plated aluminum and lightweight polycarbonate levers give you season after season of buttery smooth and reliable ratcheting power. Designed and built by us, not some shady supplier.


Experience greater control and seamless response with our canted hi-backs. Found on the majority of the line, this anatomically accurate, ergonomic design mirrors the contours of your left and right legs for a more comfortable, natural connection.


The simplicity of a one-piece hi-back means immediate response. Through material blends we then manipulate the overall flex profile from buttery to responsive.

Park-Specific Asym Superstrap

    * Superstrap Construction
    * 3D® Curved, Triple Axis Spine
    * Laterally Supportive Asym Shape
    * NeoPadding
    * Reversible Shape: Choose Between Power or Mobility

Lightweight, Bomb-Proof Polycarbonate

Buttery and playful for laid-back, relaxed cruising.

NEW Removable ShredBED 2.0 Cushioning System

Now twice as nice, the NEW ShredBED 2.0 uses ultra-light EVA to cushion against all the impacts you’ll encounter. For as simple as the package is, we managed to incorporate a stance indicator window for easy mounting and adjustment. Featured on the Mission EST and NEW Custom EST.

Living Hinge

This exclusive technology eliminates hardware and weight, and allows you to adjust your Forward Lean and hi-back rotation independently.


The higher the Forward Lean angle on your hi-backs, the quicker your heel-edge turns. Crank ’em forward for icy hits in the pipe or back ’em off for jibbing. For mind-blowing micro-adjustability, check out the tool-free DialFLAD and MicroFLAD systems which give you twice the options of our traditional FLAD.

Primo Capstrap

    * 3D® Curved, Triple Axis Spine
    * Grip Fit

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