Stepchild Snowboards - 2013/14 Womens PMS No Camber Snowboard - 149 SALE-Magic Toast

Stepchild Snowboards - 2013/14 Womens PMS No Camber Snowboard - 149 SALE

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Stepchild Snowboards Winter 2013/14 WOMENS PMS Zero Camber 149



The PMS is a women’s specific all mountain missile. The Zero Camber and thin core profile provides an easier and softer ride that can do no wrong even during those messier days of the month. Armadillo plates ensure no insert blowouts so you can still take out any frustrations you have on this board and it will be fine. Our SnagFree base will ensure your flow is smooth all the way down the hill. If you feel like ripping your boyfriends head off or punching a hole in the wall then maybe you just need to get out of the house and head up the hill, and don’t worry – we all still love you!!

Zero Camber - Great for all conditions, the zero camber provides the response and control of a regular camber board along with the float of a reverse camber.

Kicker 1 Core - Our award winning kicker I Core features sustainably sourced poplar and is milled by super sopmuters. It's high energy profile results in a soft yet highly responsive ride suitable for all areas of the mountain and in the streets.

Directional Twin - The Sidecut and stance are twin shaped between the contact points. The only difference between a Directional Twin and a Twin is that the nose is 10mm longer from the nose contact poiny to the tip. It rides exactly like a twin in the park and the extra 10mm of nose allows for more floatation in the powder.

SnagFree Base - SnagFree bases are hardened in the press by a temperature control system that cooks the base harder as it sandwiches the board, this allows the base to be more durable and easier to maintain.

Armadillo Plates - Re-enforcing the insert pack by adding in an extra diamond shape layer of fiberglass eliminates blowouts from impacts and pressures. Comes standard on all Stepchild boards.

Biax - Interweaving vertical and horizontal fiberglass configuraton, Biax fiberglass uses two strands of fiberglass to deliver high-energy response however not compromising the rigidity of the board.

Future Glue - A unique blend of compounds give Future Glue unparalleled strength in securing bases together and to the core. Comes standard on all new Stepchild Snowboards.

Flex-0-Meter: 3/10

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