Bataleon - Goliath Snowboard - 158W NEW FOR 2021 SALE

Bataleon - Goliath Snowboard - 158W NEW FOR 2021 SALE

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The 2021 Bataleon Goliath is an all mountain freestyle snowboard that performs just as well in the park as it does in powder.

The Goliath uses Freestyle Triple Base Technology (3BT) with medium uplifting side bases creating a catch free ride for buttering and freakishly good powder float. With tip to tail regular camber the Goliath holds a solid edge on all snow conditions, making it easy to drive the board through turns & transitions generating tons of pop.

The Goliath Light core is a combination between Swiss Paulownia, poplar wood core and Dual Radial Super Tubes carbon core inserts, which strengthens the board along the sidewalls and edges, with its high energy retention properties improving the boards rebound into and out of turns as well as absorbing impacts. Tri-axial laminates are laid above & below the wood core fine-tuning the responsive all mountain characteristics of the board.

With Side Kick Tips, this tech from Bataleon will enhance the performance of the 3BT base increasing side base uplift on the widest parts of the nose and tail. This creates incredibly smooth turn initiations, enhances overall board stability in rough terrain and in powder. Super light Carbon Kevlar stringers improve the boards overall strength & improve how the Goliath performs at speed with heightened power transfer for more clean ollies and overall board control.

Bataleon have packed the Goliath with tech, and this is topped off with the hyper glide S base, a super durable and fast sintered base.

The Goliath snowboard is a force to be reckoned with, plowing through tracked out powder while maintaining high speeds with ease, this playful & powerful snowboard will leave you wanting more every time.
Features Include
  • Freestyle 3BT - Bataleon's all round camber profile, the centre & side bases are almost divided equally for performance on the entire mountain, traditional camber from tip to tail for solid edge hold & reliable pop.
  • Light Core - A blend of Swiss Paulownia and poplar core for strengthening the sidewalls & edges against impacts whilst greatly improving the boards all mountain performance.
  • Tri-axial Laminates - Tri-ax laminates over and under the core deliver precision control to your riding.
  • Carbon Stringers - Added Carbon stringers help reduce weight whilst adding strength and pop to the board, enhanced with Kevlar to give a more powerful & energetic ride.
  • Hyper Glider S - A tough fast sintered base that performs well in all conditions with high wax retention between services.
  • Dual Rod Super Ttubes - features six hollow carbon core inserts parallel to the board radius for extra power transfer to the edge.
  • Side Kick Tips - Increases sidebase lift for smoother turns, float in powder, stability in all terrains enhancing 3BT advantages.
The Lowdown
  • Rider Profile: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Mountain Profile: All Mountain/Freestyle
  • Camber Profile: Freestyle 3BT
  • Shape:Directional Twin
  • Base:Sintered
  • Flex: Medium 6
  • Condition: Brand New - Factory waxed

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