Arbor - Sucrose Summit Wheels 78A - 71MM - Magic Toast

Arbor - Sucrose Summit Wheels 78A - 71MM

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The Arbor Summit is an all new technical downhilling wheel from Arbor and the first downhilling wheel in their Sucrose Initiative. The Summit is 71mm tall with a contact patch of 56mm. This gives you a ton of traction while being offset by 2.5mm. With this design you're sure to get a ton of traction so make sure you take the tightest lines and are sure to grip the hardest corners. But with the Sucrose thane, the Arbor Summit has an extremely smooth slide to them as well. So after you've had your fun downhilling, they're perfect for technical predrifting, giving you a smooth slide while a very predictable hookup so that you get maximum exit speed around hairpins. Built with Arbor's Groovetube core, you're sure to get a fast, predictable, and smooth rolling wheel.

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