Buddy Carr Skateboards Hello Complete

Buddy Carr Skateboards Hello Complete

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Buddy Carr Skateboards Hello Complete

Built around the simple idea that form follows function, Hello is not just another skateboard wrapped in a pretty package. Hello has been well thought out and designed for getting everyday skaters around the local campus, onto the board walk for surf checks and for casual rides at the local skate park. Hello's smaller deck size allows it to store easily in lockers, under desks or small spaces. It's softer wheels provide good grip, while also absorbing the bumps along the road. The trucks, with their ultra turning geometry and high rebound urethane bushings, allow for quicker turns, all of which add up to a fun and highly enjoyable ride.

Hello is a collaboration between California based skateboarder Buddy Carr and New York based graphic designer Antonio Carusone.

- 28" x 7.875"
- Limited Edition of 100
- Designed by Antonio Carusone
- 7 Ply Maple Veneer Deck with Concave and Single Kick (28" x 7.875")
- Bennett Vector Trucks 5.0 Model
- 62mm 78 Durometer Urethane Wheels
- Sealed Dual Shield Precision Steel Ball Bearings
- Custom Laser Cut Griptape with Logo

Each deck is hand made in Southern California and arrives to you fully assembled and ready to ride.